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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Change of Direction: Action Hidden Object

We have been spending time playing and thinking about Sculpling Story’s predecessor, Shape Findings. We then have to face one bitter reality that the whole gameplay is not fun in the long run, if not, at all. This definitely affects the whole team’s morale.

At the same time, our (already few) number had been reduced. It was not an easy period for the team. We took quite a beating of such event. This is where we go to the basic and rethink the fun factor of the game. We have already designed a world. We know we want a wooden world and we want to show our world to our players in the future and such eagerness made us decide to add a tour-guiding aspect within the gameplay.

The implementation that we have in mind will make Sculpling Story main gameplay runs like an arcade first person shooter such as the classic Time Crisis, Jurassic Park, etc. where the player is ‘guided’ by a pre-determined camera movement along each stage. Therefore, adding up the action element to the hidden-object foundation.

We will be having fun creating a more polished version of the stage and testing this new direction we are currently heading.

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