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Change of Direction: Action Hidden Object

We have been spending time playing and thinking about Sculpling Story’s predecessor, Shape Findings. We then have to face one bitter reality that the whole gameplay is not fun in the long run, if not, at all. This definitely affects the whole team’s morale.

At the same time, our (already few) number had been reduced. It was not an easy period for the team. We took quite a beating of such event. This is where we go to the basic and rethink the fun factor of the game. We have already designed a world. We know we want a wooden world and we want to show our world to our players in the future and such eagerness made us decide to add a tour-guiding aspect within the gameplay.

The implementation that we have in mind will make Sculpling Story main gameplay runs like an arcade first person shooter such as the classic Time Crisis, Jurassic Park, etc. where the player is ‘guided’ by a pre-determined camera movement along each stage. Therefore, adding up the action element to the hidden-object foundation.

We will be having fun creating a more polished version of the stage and testing this new direction we are currently heading.

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Great Tree: Low Resolution Stage Model

A side-by-side comparison of the high resolution model versus the low resolution model of our first stage. From over 100k polygons to less than 20k polygons. Some objects will need to be taken away if we want to cater lower end devices. Glad we do not have any physics related in this game.

Polygon Reduce

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Render Pass: Great Tree Roots Area

Light Tracer Render

After modelling and placing the roots at the base of the Great Tree, we also placed small huts as a dwelling places for any sculpling which is not too fond of heights.

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After A Long Break

It was not really a break but we all went to a Unity3D workshop in Singapore which was conducted by Singapore Polytechnic to give ourselves new insights. We did slack off a little bit but we have finally revised our new logo nonetheless.

We thank Ella Prayogo once again for helping us with the previous logo. This post is a contribution to her hard work.

Old Logo In Action

Old Logo in A Loading Page

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Exploration: Logo Design

We have decided to create a new logo since the old one is way too similar with Animal Crossing and we definitely do not want to offend anyone (or even any aesthetics anywhere, in this matter).

During the process, we struggled hard since none of us is actually good at it at all. We managed to come out with the typography for the word “sculpling” nonetheless, but still yet to decide on the typography for ‘story’.

Typography Line-Ups for Logo

by Alvin Herawan. Copyright 2012 Oluss Studio. All Rights Reserved.

As you can see, we have selected our big 3 (they are literally BIG).

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Sketch: Old Ones

I did some diggings on our preliminary works and found this old 3d models that was initiated this whole project. I hope it inspires you as it did to me.

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Taking a few steps back, we would like to give credits to a few other works which deeply have been and always been inspiring and motivating us.

The first one(s) is the hidden-object genre games which had been evolving into another form of story-telling application. It is the genre that gave us the question: “What if it is done in a 3D environment?”

Secondly, the cute and cuddly ; We first saw it in 2007 and it struck us – Its visual aesthetics, control fluidity, user experience, plus its technical execution.

Lastly, the cute, cuddly and solid crafts of Erzgebirge (Ore Mountain). We could have used another post to just list down the meticulousness of this craftsmanship and yet we are pretty sure we could have overlooked the other aspects of its beauty.

We simply hope Sculpling Story will be a game that do these great works justice in the long run.


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Sketch: Great Tree

Here’s a sketch of one of the levels in Sculpling Story.

On the branches of this great tree, lies many dwellings for animal sculplings.

Sculpling Story Level 1

by Jaya & Oluss Studio. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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What Is A Sculpling?

Some of you might wonder what a sculpling is. A sculpling is a creature consisting mainly of a single piece of sculpted wood. In every piece of a sculpling, lies its heartwood. This is the essence of every sculpling. It has strength that affects other pieces of sculpted wood just like a piece of magnet affects other metals.

Every sculpling has different capabilities, which differs based on the strength of its own heartwood. Some could control bigger parts, while others could control smaller but more parts.

Take a look at a human sculpling below called Schonopoly. At infancy, it only has one piece as its head. As it grows up, it could control more parts to be its head accesories and pants. It then soon found a nice pair of spherical wood pieces to be its hands. As it lives its life, it happened to find bigger piece of accessories that it fancies and therefore taking them close to it.

Sculpling's Life Cycle

Schonopoly: from Baby to Adult - by Jaya & Oluss. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.


Hope this could get you knowing this unique creature a little bit more.


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