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What Is A Sculpling?

Some of you might wonder what a sculpling is. A sculpling is a creature consisting mainly of a single piece of sculpted wood. In every piece of a sculpling, lies its heartwood. This is the essence of every sculpling. It has strength that affects other pieces of sculpted wood just like a piece of magnet affects other metals.

Every sculpling has different capabilities, which differs based on the strength of its own heartwood. Some could control bigger parts, while others could control smaller but more parts.

Take a look at a human sculpling below called Schonopoly. At infancy, it only has one piece as its head. As it grows up, it could control more parts to be its head accesories and pants. It then soon found a nice pair of spherical wood pieces to be its hands. As it lives its life, it happened to find bigger piece of accessories that it fancies and therefore taking them close to it.

Sculpling's Life Cycle

Schonopoly: from Baby to Adult - by Jaya & Oluss. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.


Hope this could get you knowing this unique creature a little bit more.


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