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Sketch: Details of The Great Tree

We further develop our Great Tree level by adding more details and variations. The first step we took was to take each level as a ‘village on an island’. This being said, every level has to have its own natural landscapes, body of water and food source to support any living creature within. Once it is considered habitable, we build dwellings on top of it and provide various types of buildings to give an indication of society living within these dwellings.

The most fun part is to create variants of buildings for different functions based on a single type of design. For this level, since most of its inhabitants are bird-like sculplings, we decided to design the buildings resembling bird houses in real life. We then create its variants by putting them together to make a gathering hall at the top, small and large residents throughout and industrial buildings such as granary and mine.

We purposely keep the image big so that you can enjoy the details of each part.


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Sketch: Great Tree

Here’s a sketch of one of the levels in Sculpling Story.

On the branches of this great tree, lies many dwellings for animal sculplings.

Sculpling Story Level 1

by Jaya & Oluss Studio. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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